School Safety

After the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, many cities began to design a mobilization plan in case of emergencies like these, however, since its incorporation in 2008, Doral already had this plan designed. The only difference is that before there was an agent who rotated in turn in three schools and now there is a fixed officer from early in the morning until the last student leaves in the afternoon. He knows every corner, the teachers, even parents and students.

Doral has 15 schools, 9 charters and privates and 6 publics. All the plans of the educational centers were updated and uploaded to the computers of all the police officers. In case of an emergency, they can virtually consult that map and obtain the necessary information.

To protect the privacy of students, no officer of the Doral Police Department (DPD) School Unit has body worn cameras. What there is in schools is a red code. When this alert is activated, all the entrances and exits are automatically blocked, no one can get in or out.

DPD rehearses strategies and makes presentations to teachers and principals on how to act in case of a shooting or a fire monthly.

In the case of an event related to drugs, alcohol, sex, bullying, etc., the officer assigned to that school will report the case to DPD, so that another unit can take charge and an investigation be carried out, if applicable. His only mission in school is to neutralize and eliminate any threat that may arise with an armed individual and to ensure the integral safety of the students and administrative staff of the school.

What must parents do?

  • It is important that parents attend the monthly DPD meetings with the Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTA) to express their concerns or discuss a problem.
  • If they notice something unusual or incorrect in their child’s attitude or environment, they should report it immediately to the authorities.
  • They should stay involved in their child’s activities.

Since its 15 years as a city, there has been no violent incident requiring strong police action in Doral’s schools.

Sources: Captains, Fatima Nuñez and Nancy Gomez-Fernandez; Rey Valdes, Public Information Officer