School Safety in Doral: Back to school 2019 – 2020

At each Doral school, from the beginning of the school day until the last student leaves, there is the same assigned police officer throughout the school year. This daily coexistence generates a relationship of trust and mutual communication between the officer, the teachers, the school principal, students, and parents.

The Doral Police Department (DPD) continually instructs its officers on how to respond in the event of a shooting or emergency at school. They are trained and qualified to carry a rifle. In Miami-Dade County, teachers are not authorized to carry weapons.

DPD recommends:

  • Be patient with traffic. Lack of patience causes road rage.
  • Do not obstruct the roads because more congestion is generated.
  • Do not park where it is not permitted.
  • Leave with enough time.Respect the speed limits of school zones.
  • Be cautious in whom to trust the care of children.
  • Do not use transport such as Uber and Lift to send children to school; however convenient and comfortable it is for parents, it is not safe for children.

Fines for speeding in school zones

MPH over

Whitin 30 days

1 – 5 mph

$ 169

6 – 9 mph

$ 169

10 – 14 mph

$ 335

15 – 19 mph

$ 419

20 – 29 mph

$ 469

30 & over mph

$ 619