Domestic violence

one caucasian couple man and woman expressing domestic violence in studio silhouette isolated on white background

Domestic violence is considered any aggression, with or without injuries, with or without aggravating factors, sexual or not, stalking, harassment, and threats that cause physical injury or the death of a relative or a member residing in the same household.

If it happened once, it will happen again and it will get worse. Contact the authorities and report the aggressor.

“I do not have legal documents”, “I am not the money provider”, “I am under threat”

These are some excuses of the victims to not denounce a situation. Doral Police will never ask for proof of legal residence in the country. An officer will only ask for an ID with photo (DMV ID, ID, passport, etc.). The law protects victims of domestic violence. You have the right to demand a restraining order against the aggressor.

The authorities can refer you to a special center where you can receive protection services, social, legal and psychological assistance, anonymous housing, reunification with other relatives, food, and clothing. This is free. In addition, they provide of instruction in trades and courses to enter the labor market. There are no excuses.

Call 911 if it is an emergency or Doral Police at (305) 4-POLICE (305.476.5423).

Source: Rey Valdés, Public Information Officer and Pedro Corpas, detective.