Do you go shopping in December? Read this first!

  • Try to leave young children at home with someone.
  • If you cannot leave them, designate a person to take care of them while you shop.
  • Do not let children go to the bathroom alone.
  • If you are going to shop at a mall and then plan on going to another, leave purchases at home first to avoid being followed by thieves.

During these DPD holidays:

  • Increase in the number of patrols and police in civilian clothes (so they are not identified by criminals).
  • Emphasizes surveillance in shopping centers (International Mall, CityPlace Doral, Downtown Doral) and places where there are many people traveling either because they are shopping or partying.
  • Traffic laws are further reinforced.

Recommendations for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve:

  • Young people should not handle fireworks because they are dangerous.
  • Do not shoot in the air. A lost bullet can kill someone.
  • It is preferable to stay inside at midnight to avoid danger.
  • It is even recommended to move away from windows because a lost bullet can pass through them.

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