Cyber scam

Card cloning
Duplicating the data of a card is very easy through a skimmer (a card cloner). There are few or almost no restaurants that bring the point of sale to the table. When the waiter takes the card, he passes it through the skimmer and that’s it.
Keep track of your card.
Use the debit card only to withdraw money from ATMs.

Virtual hijacking
You receive a phone call saying that a family member is kidnapped and demand money in exchange for their release. Seniors are usually the victims because of their vulnerability.
Make sure where your family members are.
Communicate directly with your family in case of receiving such calls.

Cyber bullying
It is especially true among young people for the display of retouched photos, blackmail, defamation, etc.
Do not post compromising photos.
Protect the identity of minors.

Threats in schools
Any type of threat received by email, text messages, social networks, etc., is considered a felony.
If you or your child receives a threat at school, report it immediately to the police so that they proceed to arrest the menacing person. Even if it is a suspicion.

Identity theft
Share your social security number only with official entities.
Keep it well protected.
Review your credit report at least once a year. Reliable credit agencies:, and

Hackers and viruses
By opening an unknown link or a hidden message, a hacker can install a virus on the computer and have absolute access to it. The only way to uninstall the virus is with a code that the criminal has who delivers it in exchange for large amounts of money.
Do not open links or unknown messages.
Delete junk emails.

Source: Rey Valdes, Public Information Officer.