Valentine’s Day and Alcohol

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion to have a drink with your partner, but my recommendation is, beware of alcohol! I do not mean to stop you from celebrating but to measure your alcohol intake well. Alcohol in excess produces three negative aspects in our body:

1- It favors the retention of liquid.

2- Provides empty calories.

3- Prevents you from oxidizing fat: the liver can not metabolize alcohol and oxidize (burn) fat at the same time, because it focuses its work on detoxifying the body of the alcohol and loses the ability to reserve carbohydrates as glycogen, then it is very likely that the foods that accompanies alcohol will accumulate as fat. In any case, if you decide to drink alcohol try to choose the best possible. Avoid drinks that are mixed with sugar, for example, cocktails, drinks based on creams or milk, and drink wine, vodka, gin and sparkling wines instead. Despite continuing to be alcohol, you will save calories and the impact on insulin secretion will be less.

My last recommendation is: if you are going to drink, take good care of what you eat, the worst mistake is to abuse food and alcohol on the same day.