How to start a healthy life after Christmas?

After the excesses committed during the Christmas season, you will surely have the maximum intent to improve your diet and recover your weight. Here I will tell you how to start:

  • Clean the house of temptations. Eliminate all “food” that in a moment of weakness could deviate you from the right track.
  • Fill your home with healthy food. Go to the supermarket and look only for foods that provide nutrients. Make sure that 90% of your food is real food.
  • Plan the week. If you know what you are going to eat every day, it is very difficult for you to mess up. Many feeding failures have to do with disorganization, which prompts you to choose badly.
  • Start exercising. A healthy lifestyle is complete when you have constant physical activity.
  • Start little by little. Do not despair, you are changing a lifestyle, this is a process you need every day. Start with abandoning sugar and refined carbohydrates, then start eating several times a day until you make all the necessary changes.
  • Do not focus only on how much you weigh, focus on the qualitative. How do you feel? Are you comfortable? Do you think it is something that you can maintain over time? If you say yes, you are in the right place. We can do it! Have success in this New Year full of great changes for your health and well-being.