How not to gain weight during the holiday season?

When the holiday season arrives, we have the perfect excuse to put aside all the work we have done during the year with healthy eating.

But if you are determined that it should not affect you, here are some recommendations that can help you so gaining weight during the holidays does not become an issue:

  • Try to eat in moderation. Do not see December as the month of the cheat meal. Eat healthy like any other time of the year and leave the most caloric meals for office parties, friends and key holiday dates.
  • Exercise at least 4 days a week. It can help you balance the intake of excess calories.
  • Beware of alcoholic beverages. This can be the great saboteur of the season. When we consume alcohol in excess we can not oxidize fat, we retain fluid and we are taking empty calories. The key is, drink or eat, never both.
  • Get ready for big parties like Christmas and New Year’s. Simply, take good care of what you are eating the previous days, lower the consumption of simple carbohydrates, sugar, and saturated fats so you can enjoy the big dates without restriction.

These recommendations can help you spend Christmas without worrying you’ll regret it. If you still can not contain yourself from overeating, keep calm, I will tell you how to fix the damage in January.