Replace energy drinks

If you didn’t sleep well the day before or because you need it before or after a workout, what do you think about avoiding it a little? For every 100 ml energy drinks average 10 to 15 grams of sugar, along with an amount of caffeine that you could get in a healthy way by drinking tea. What I recommend is to change them for tea depending on the moment of your training:

– Black tea: I recommend that it be during training or before as it contains more theine than Chinese green teas. It will fill you with a lot of energy.
– Green tea: It is good post training because it helps you recover by being high in antioxidants and rooibos (source of iron, potassium, calcium and other minerals and high in vitamin C). It has no caffeine, which is why it helps you stay hydrated during exercise.
– White tea: This is one that contains a high percentage of theine but is optimal for recovery and has many antioxidants.

The theine ​​in tea is practically caffeine, except its effect is less than if you take an espresso. This will help stimulate your nervous system by giving you that boost you need after being without energy.

These teas that I mention have:
– Black tea: 25 to 100 mg of theine.
– Green tea: 25 mg.
– White tea: 28 mg.

You can drink them cold or hot as you prefer. Are you a fan of tea or do you take a coffee with almond milk?

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