Let’s talk about yogurt

I like to eat fat-free Greek yogurt with fruit from time to time. Many people ask me why don’t I drink cow’s milk but I do eat Greek yogurt?
First, you should know that for years I have not consume cow’s milk, because dairy products are acidifying foods and also because it became a habit for me to consume vegetable milk. In the case of yogurt I recommend coconut yogurt, almonds or skimmed Greek without sugar rich in probiotics. They are excellent for vegan people but it is very important to choose them without sugar. Remember that you do not have to be afraid of this type of healthy fat unlike that from a cow which is loaded with saturated fat.
But does yogurt contain lactose? I’m not going to say no, yes it does. However, it is as if it did not have it because Greek yogurt goes through a process where they remove all the fat, eliminating sugar and a large percentage of lactose. So I want to clarify that it has a little left but people who are lactose intolerant can eat it. It also has 13 to 20 grams of protein per cup while cow’s milk has only 3.5 grams.
Greek yogurt, certainly a super food high in vitamin B12 and potassium, is so good for you that it can substitute red meat which is super difficult to digest, helping your stomach and digestive system.