Healthy snacks

We usually don’t know what to eat for an afternoon snack, or perhaps when we are traveling. I will show you different options that will be of great help for those moments when you are craving a healthy sweet treat in the afternoon.

Remember that a snack never hurts; In fact, eating every 3 to 4 hours is essential to control hunger levels, maintain body energy, and metabolism activity.

I don’t want you to pay attention to calories, but to take into account that food nutrients have nothing to do with your caloric count.

If you are the type of person who likes to eat a lot, chop or chew, choose snacks with a greater volume, such as 2 cups of pop corn or blueberries, while if you are a fast eater and feel good after eating a little, you can choose options that are more caloric like almonds or bananas.

What I really want to show is that calories are not everything, a number is not going to give the nutritional value of a food. You should consume it according to your needs and objectives.