R Zone Fitness Doral & Sano Food

R Zone Fitness Doral

We love a gym that is super trendy since it was specially designed for women’s group training. Its innovative objective is to merge cardiovascular exercise tools with “strength” training exercises, which work in a study-like environment, obtaining the best results for females of all ages. The trainers at R Zone Fitness accompany and motivate the entire group of women who come to exercise, measuring their heart rate in real time, checking calories burned and beats per minute; in this way they can control the intensity of the movement. In addition, they offer exercises tailored to the needs of people with injuries or muscular ailments. Classes are repeated throughout the day and the ladies can train from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m., in an environment with the human warmth of all its staff.

7761 NW 107th Ave. Unit #206, Doral, FL 33178


Sano Food

The healthy and homemade concept of Sano Food was created under the advice of expert nutritionists. Their renowned chefs cook with lots of love and flavor. It has become one of Doral’s trendiest restaurants through the years, with branches in Hialeah Gardens and Weston. Its varied menu includes breakfast, lunch, and delicious dinner, all made with fresh and original ingredients. You will love their pizzas, or their pasta with zucchini and ground turkey meat. Their arepas, made with cassava, quinoa or banana are also a delicacy, everyone’s favorite is the “reina pepeada.” And not to mention the delicious salads and their baked whole grain tequeños. Natural and shakes have many fans. Additionally, they offer a “weekly selection of food” service, where you can pick up your lunch at their facilities, or have it delivery to your home or office.

10712 NW 74th St., Doral, FL 33178.