Welcome summer!

Hello Neighbor,

This month we welcome summer! That means kids are out of school, presenting a world of opportunity for your family make memories together. I invite you to visit our city website to learn about the wonderful programs our parks offer — www.cityofdoral.com/parks. We have plenty of options like yoga, basketball, ballet and chess to keep your mind and body, healthy and engaged this season. It’s key that we minimize the time our kids spend on TV screens, cellphones and other electronic devices. Children grow up fast, let’s enjoy them while we still can with a visit to one of our great parks.

June is also the beginning of Hurricane Season. I cannot emphasize this enough – the time to prepare is NOW! Our teams are already meeting and reviewing lessons learned, to ensure we are ready to respond in case of a storm. This year is particularly special for our community because it will be the first hurricane season in which the City of Doral Divisional Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will be open. The EOC will provide a central intelligence area for City personnel to gather critical information, coordinate response activities, and manage personnel during emergencies and catastrophic events to ensure an effective and efficient recovery for our residents and business owners.

I welcome any questions or comments you may have. Do not hesitate to contact me at juancarlos.bermudez@cityofdoral.com.