Let’s participate!

Hello Neighbor,

This month I invite our wonderful residents to get involved and participate in their local government. Doral’s mission has always been to provide the highest quality of life in a transparent, effective and efficient manner. As part of this commitment, the City offers many opportunities for you to be part of the process, voicing your ideas and inquiries to understand how your City works and get the information you need.

We have monthly Council Meetings and Zoning Meetings, as well as numerous public workshops and board meetings. There is also a wide array of events and seminars for families, businesses and visitors. Details are found on our City website – www.cityofdoral.com. You can also get news on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Connect with us — @mayorbermudez and @cityofdoral.

One of the main reasons we incorporated as a City was to give residents a voice. This held true years later when I came back as Mayor to protect this voice. That is why I empower you to join in the great things that are happening in our City. Come to the meetings and reach out to our City staff. We are here to help you and provide facts. Take part in your City and be proud of your City.