Rodolfo Villaplana, My Life

Recognized worldwide as one of the most successful figurative artists of the last decades, the Venezuelan painter Rodolfo Villaplana, presented My Life, his first solo exhibition in Miami.

The exhibition reflects the events of his everyday life, his daily journey. Villaplana creates pieces that are part of his study as flowers, portraits, still life, coral details and vital objects.

“I presented My Life in Miami so that the public would know my story. The title is born from a poem by Galaktion Tabidze, a Georgian poet who recreates this unique journey that we have the opportunity to experience in his poetry. As a Venezuelan, I am always asked to speak about the crisis in my country, but there are many ways to deal with a subject as complex as a dictatorship. One way to do it is to report it. Art is a form of denunciation. My art allows the spectator to recognize and assimilate as strength what he has in front of his eyes. This show is very special for me because it shares a message of self-determination, of resistance,” said Villaplana about the exhibition that paid tribute to life with lights and shadows.