MejorArte Tattoo Studio: Art, ink and history

    By Daniela Giampapa-Bendayán

    Upon entering the reception area the first thing that gets your attention is the huge and striking red, black, and white logo of MejorArte. Paintings and artistic photographs decorate the environment. Then there are the different private work stations. The first one belongs to Willarte in which you are welcome by the actor Robin Williams, masterfully painted in a flannel, as well as many awards on the walls. The next station belongs to Luis Gil, in which an exotic mix of colors highlights a woman and an eye in 3D that immediately attract attention.

    A little further in there are the stations of Luisa Medina “Lulu” (@lulutattoo_art) and Christian Pelaez (@chrispelaezart), both decorated in their own style.

    More than a tattoo studio, MejorArte is a center dedicated to art, it is a gallery that showcases the talent of those who give their soul there and release creativity in each design.

    Its owners, Luis Gil and Willy Peña, inaugurated it in mid-December 2018. The name of MejorArte (in Spanish- having a double meaning- Best Art as well as Better yourself) is a pun that Willy dreamed of many years ago and today is a reality; it is open to the interpretation of the person, to improve the art that already has or to want to have the best art.

    Everything is done in the study, tattooing , the covering of tattoos and scars , is designed together with the client, then the design is assembled digitally before tattooing it to have a reference of how it will look.

    MejorArte will soon constantly organize Talent Exhibitions. They are an open space for art, so that artists, both local, national and international, have their own area to display their works, be they paintings, fabrics, etc. The idea arose as a result of the inauguration because that day MejorArte was not the protagonist but the artists who attended the event and showed their works.

    They will also give seminars on drawing, painting, as well as tattooing.

    “What we like most about what we do is that we arrive in other cities where we assume that nobody knows us and it turns out that there are people who approach us congratulating us on our work.”

    Willy Peña (@ willarte25)

    I go to myself

    I have dance in my heart and talent in my hands. I am married, I have an 11 years old son and I am very attached to my family and friends. I like to focus on my work.


    If I say that I have a specific style, I am pigeonholed and I think that in tattoo art, and art in general, there will always be something new and different. I love realism and everything related, however, I sit to create and I get carried away by inspiration, rather than by style.

    Tattooed artists:

    Melendi, Nacho, Tomas Rincon, Marwin Gonzalez, Jonathan Gomez, Kent, Gustavo Elis, Luis Fernando Borjas, among others.


      • 1st Place Tattoo of the day (Black & Gray) Saturday Atlanta Tattoo Arts Convention 2018
      • 4th Place Tattoo of the day (Black & Gray) Friday Atlanta Tattoo Arts Convention 2018
      • 2nd Place Male: Medium Color Atlanta Tattoo Arts Convention 2018
      • 3rd Place Male: Medium Black & Gray Atlanta Tattoo Arts Convention 2018
      • 2nd Place Best Color Tattoo Inkmania Tattoo & Art Expo 2019
      • 3rd Place Best Black & Gray Tattoo Tattoo Inkmania Tattoo & Art Expo 2019
    • 3rd Place Best Color Portrait Tattoo Tattoo Inkmania Tattoo & Art Expo 2019

    The most eccentric tattoo:

    A man asked me to make a devil’s tail from his tailbone.

    The most enjoyed tattoo:

    I like all my pieces but there are two in particular that are from Venezuela. One highlights icons like Uncle Simon Diaz and a macaw. On the other I highlight the protests.

    The tattoo I would never do:

    I try to make what I do represent me. I am at the point where a tattoo is really what the client wants and what I want to show. I do not accept predetermined designs and if I see that it will not work for the client because it will look bad or my work will not look good for some reason, I do not accept it”.

    Luis Gil (@luisgil_art)

    Humility, ambition and respect

    I am very familiar and realistic when saying things and doing the right thing. I have a partner and a dog named Juliet.


    Each artist has his own way of working. My style is related to realism and surrealism, however, I like to tattoo with styles that attract my attention but do it my way.

    Tattooed artists:

    Kerly Ruiz, Laura Chimaras, Karen Martello, Omar Narvaez, Mike “Ohrangu” Tang, Gabriel Lopez, among others.


      • 2nd Place Best Portrait (with reference) International Tattoo Convention 2018
      • 3rd Place XL Black & Gray Atlanta Tattoo Arts Convention 2018
      • 2nd Place Best Arm Sleeve LA Tattoo Convention 2018
      • Second Place Large B&G Inksane Tattoo Fest 2019
      • Third Place Portrait B&G Inksane Tattoo Fest 2019
      • Tattoo of the day Inksane Tattoo Fest 2019
    • 2nd Place Realism Inksane Tattoo Fest 2019

    The most eccentric tattoo:

    I tattooed the face of a man with a woman with open legs in his mouth and a rose in the middle on somebody’s knee once. A band aid. I also tattooed a man girlfriend’s face, with her present at that moment. They broke up two months later.

    The most enjoyed tattoo:

    I really enjoyed tattooing a tribute to Puerto Rico, for the mix of colors.

    The tattoo I would never do:

    I would not tattoo anything that represents evil. I also don’t like tribal tattoos very much because it’s not my specialty. I’ve had to do it, and I’ve done it, but it’s not something I enjoy doing.”


    (786) 617.6376


    8726 NW 26th St. St. #20 Doral, FL 33172

    Credits: Nina Rodrigues