Jaime Aymerich, from Mexico to Doral and Hollywood

    He plays Charly in the Telemundo show “Betty in NY” and has been living in Doral for seven months. About Doral he says he likes the kindness and warmth of the doralians, enjoys the good restaurants in the area, supermarkets, shopping centers, shops, gyms, parks, cinemas, and many other things.

    He goes for a walk in the city every day when he gets up and goes for his Cuban coffee, his cortadito, while joyfully enjoying a city where there are many families. Soon he will become a dad!

    How was it giving life to Charly?

    I am very grateful to Telemundo and the producers of the show Betty in NY, because since the casting when I auditioned for the role I knew that I knew Charlie. It has been a joint effort to create Charly from the writers to the editors who finish editing the piece, and all those involved, the team, make-up artists, hairstyles, art, cameramen, directors and all departments, marketing, etc.

    Doing this project with Telemundo has been very special for me, because I see how the people who work in it are, and I mean the entire team of Betty in NY, they are extremely professional and that is reflected in the taste of the people who see Betty in NY.

    Charly is very special to me and I identify a lot with him, because I think the same way he does; for example Charly and I think that a woman is someone very important in society and he respects her. I believe that in these times when there are abuses in different fields such as at work or at home, woman is key, she is the foundation of society. The fact that a woman can be a mother is something very beautiful and admirable. My respects to all women.

    What other project are you working on?

    I have several projects to do, I really like the cinema, theater and in general the world of entertainment, I am currently half owner of a company called Crossover Entertainment and, with my partner George Salinas, we are producing a series in English in Hollywood with Kenny Ortega who created High School Musical and me Kenny I admire him since he directed Dirty Dancing. This show we are doing with Netflix is a new adaptation of the Brazilian show “Julie and The Phantoms” created by Joao Daniel Tikhomiroff with the Mixer company from Brazil. I’m also excited because I have plans to do more series and movies in English and Spanish. I like good stories and characters that have something to say. I mean a message and at the same time entertain and when I can make that combination it’s great.

    Tell us about the movie The Laundromat

    “The Laundromat” is a film that produced Netflix and we filmed it in October / November 2018 and it will be released this year. I really liked being part of this project because for me it was a pleasure to work and share scenes with Meryl Streep, Gary Oldman and Antonio Banderas, all three are great Hollywood stars and it really was an honor for me to be there. When I knew that the film was going to be directed by Stephen Soderberg I was very excited because I am a fan of Oceans Eleven and knowing that he was going to tell the story of The Panama Papers I loved the project. We filmed it in Los Angeles and I liked the experience, seeing Steven Soderberg not letting go of the camera was spectacular; Seeing them all work and understand how a Hollywood movie is made was fantastic.

    In what project would you like to act?

    In those who do two things: entertain the public and give a positive message. This world moves very fast and now with so much technology there is more of everything but I like the most classic and traditional things, a good story is timeless so I look for those stories.

    What are your hobbies?

    I like to do many things, walk, read, dance, watch TV series, movies, indulge and go to the spa, stroll in the mall, go to the beach, eat in a good restaurant and above all help others. The philosopher L Ron Hubbard says: “A being is valuable insofar as he can help others” and I like to help. As the crisis in Venezuela is happening, I brought food, medicines, diapers and baby things to help humanitarian that was sent from Doral to Venezuela.I’m Mexican but we live on the same planet and what happens to someone else matters to me so I like to help.

    Tell us about your family

    The family is the basis of society and we have to support one’s relatives, that is very important. The education that my parents gave me marked a good path in me, and now I value that a lot, it is very important to respect one’s parents. I have a sister who lives with her husband and children in Miami and they are a great family. I am very happy because Caro, my wife, and I are expecting a baby so I am happy.

    Did you know that Jaime …?

    • Is a fan of the video game FIFA
    • Participated at the beginning of the Kabah group
    • His favorite place is Hanauma Bay in Hawai
    • Drinks mate almost daily
    • He played the president of Mexico in the series The Last Ship, and a valet parking attendant in the movie Latin Lover with Salma Hayek and Eugenio Derbez
    • He is a good music lover

    By Daniela Giampapa-Bendayán