Happy Ho-Ho-Ho-lidays!


    The Doral Police Department (DPD) carries out many activities for the benefit of our community during the Christmas season, but there are two of them that stand out for being special.

     Holiday Toy Drive

    Lieutenant Daniel Munecas, of the DPD’s Neighborhood Resources Unit, explained that they are going to schools, churches and local businesses and asking them to donate toys for children in need. They collect them, classify them by gender and age and then distribute them among the most needy children of Doral through schools and churches. They manage to raise almost two trucks full of toys.

    “When it comes to donating these toys, we look for the fairest way to distribute them. For that, we work directly with administrators and school counselors, priests, and pastors of all churches in Doral because they help us identify which children have less economic resources.“

    Shop with the Cops

    After the Holiday Toy Drive, Santa Claus continues to give gifts to more Doral children who may not receive Christmas gifts.

    For this activity, the City has an approximately annual budget of $ 7,000. With that money DPD buys gift cards. “We work in the same way: with schools, churches and even with the Department of Children and Families because there are many children who live in Doral and receive assistance from this entity.”

    Previously the event took place in Toy R Us but now it will be in Walmart. The police and Santa Claus go to Walmart to buy gifts with these previously identified children. This year they will go to the Walmart in Doral on December 22 from 8:00 a.m. at 12:00 p.m.

    Lieutenant Daniel Munecas commented that they help 70 little ones every year with this activity. “It’s very nice to see the smile of these children and their families, who thought they would not have a Christmas present.”

    For the Doral Police Department it is very important to emphasize that they try to be fair to everyone; they do not have any preference for any particular school or church.

    By Daniela Giampapa-Bendayán

    Credits: Dixon Gonzalez Studio