Doral Glades Park: As natural as it is one of a kind

    Doral Glades Park was inaugurated on August 2 of this year. Its name is a tribute to the Florida Everglades for the lush vegetation and aquatic reserves of the place. In fact, the park has native plants and provides a unique habitat for flora and fauna.

    The park covers 25 acres in total. Of which 2,400 square feet are from the Nature Center and 6,000 square feet from the Multipurpose Building. It is located at 7600 NW 98th Pl., Doral, FL 33178.

    Doral Glades Park is a place designed for the whole family. Doralinos and their visitors will not only find fun and entertainment but also learn in a didactic way, about the different types of plants, animals and the land of Florida.

    Other amenities:
    • Multipurpose Rooms
    • Walking/Exercise Trail
    • Bike Lanes
    • Wetland Boardwalk
    • Large Multipurpose Field
    • Nature Trails

    Fuente: Barbara Hernandez, Parks & Recreation Director and Maggie Santos, Communications & Protocol Manager.