Candela Marquez: A beauty among uglies

    Candela was born in Spain and currently lives in Doral while filming the new telenovela on Telemundo. She is very active in social networks. You can follow her on Instagram like @CandelaMarquezH.

    Her character in “Betty en NY” is model Jenny Wendy Reyes, better known as La Pupuchurra. She is a bit materialistic and artificial and ends up emotionally entangled with the husband of a co-worker.

    Are you like your character?

    Well, there are things in which yes.

    How are you alike?

    In her madness, in the sense that La Pupuchurra does not care who is ahead of her, she likes to have fun and be the center of everything. She is one of the villains that you end up liking a lot because she is not evil. I identify with her because she is an uncomplicated person, having someone ahead is not an obstacle for her. She has a little of my name in her, of “candela” (fire in Spanish).

    What is special about this new version of the hit soap opera “Yo soy Betty la fea”?

    Something interesting is that the cast was very well chosen, many actors and actresses feel the same way as me: we identify with our characters and we enjoy representing them. Among all of us we have become a great family.

    What character would you like to interpret?

    A futuristic action character.

    What role would you reject?

    None, because although an actor is supposed to tell stories, they are not their own. The work of the director is very important.

    Did you know that Candela is …?

    She suffers from Misophonia, that is, she is phobic to the ticking of clocks and to the noise of the changing and intermittent lights of a car.

    She has the habit of putting the toilet paper falling from above like a waterfall.

    Her crazy passion is perfume. She has more than 180 fragrances in her house in Mexico. Her favorite is by Dior.