Beauchamp Dental, Smile and happiness guaranteed

    With 30 years of professional experience, this dentist, living in Doral for more than 2 years, treats his patients using the most advanced technologies available in the field of dentistry. One of them allows to visualize the mouth in 3D, the teeth, and the whole craniofacial structure to be able to restore the mouth to perfection. This system is called iCAT (Computed Axial Tomography) and Dr. Beauchamp was one of the pioneers using this equipment in Doral.

    From the iCAT you can make smile designs, orthodontic work, wisdom teeth, and you can even see the final product before starting to work on it.

    “With this technology you can see in depth things that are not seen in the two dimensions of traditional x-rays,” says the dentist, who is also a specialist in dental implants.
    Thanks to this system you can make crowns and smile designs at the office in a moment.

    Dr. Beauchamp also has Fotona laser technology. The laser can be used on teeth, gums, other structures of the mouth, and facial areas to perform treatment of gum diseases, prevention of bone loss, decay, and elongation of crowns. Furthermore, the laser is used as a tool which, in some cases, replaces the use of a dental drill.

    It is wrong to think that when using a laser it is not necessary to anesthetize the patient. However, depending on the treatment that is being carried out with the laser, the amount of anesthesia that is applied to the patient will vary, to a greater or lesser degree, but there will be anesthesia, if necessary.

    Don’t be afraid to smile

    We all know that a beautiful smile goes hand in hand with good self-esteem, beauty, and self-confidence. That’s why Dr. Beauchamp explains that for people who are dissatisfied with their smile or teeth which have been previously worked on, looking dark or misaligned, or because of an accident the person had, the smile design is your best ally.

    “Doing orthodontics with invisible aligners is the best way nowadays,” says the doctor. It is a very modern and requested method in his office, substantially because it escapes traditional orthodontics like braces. Although there are treatments, like for children, where it is necessary to use braces.

    “If the person has nice teeth but wants to improve them, smile design can be done. Such as in the case of whitening of the teeth through porcelain veneers, which in spite of how much red wine and coffee the patient takes, keep the teeth white due to the porcelain material.” Another point in favor of an instant smile of total happiness.

    Smiles in an instant

    To make a smile design, the design is first done digitally and then all the technology obtained is transferred to the mouth.

    Dr. Gerardo Beauchamp explains how: “Previously, impressions were taken and sent to a laboratory to be emptied into a plaster mold. Today, digital impressions are used where a camera takes hundreds of photographs and then the computer makes a virtual model of the mouth, without having to empty it in plaster. It is manufactured at the moment with the CAD / CAM System (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing).
    A third party technician assists the dental office doing the laboratory work, takes the digital print and the team immediately gets to work. The laboratorian designs the crown exactly as it should be so that it harmonizes with the tooth and with the bite of the opposite tooth, then a block of zirconia is carved where the crown will fit perfectly. The patient receives the crown between an hour to an hour and a half later.

    As for the smile design, it would be 8 or 10 veneers that are all done on the tooth. It takes a little more time but it has the benefit of getting your new smile the same day. The patient is involved in the design phase and is able to correct any problems or dislikes in a moment.

    This is how at Beauchamp Dental they guarantee your happiness. You will have a beautiful smile made to measure, to your taste, and best of all, you will have it on the same day.

    Where can you find Dr. Gerardo Beauchamp?

    At 9593 NW 41st St. in Doral. You can call (305) 594.2022 to make your appointment and get a smile worthy of a magazine cover.


    By Daniela Giampapa-Bendayán
    Credits: Dixon González Studio