Alicia Machado: Eternal queen of perseverance and altruism

    alicia machado

    What social causes do you support?

    The most beautiful thing about being Miss Universe 1996 was the opportunity I have now to be an activist and altruist. I have never stopped being one. I have been supporting many causes and organizations with galas and events for many years and also with donations through my product company at the end of the year. I have always been involved with different charitable causes such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Peta, Peta Latino, Fundación Bienestar, Fundación Venezuela con Nombre de Mujer, etc. and I help a lot when there are natural disasters.

    How do you combine your professional time with the family?

    I have a one of a kind family life. I am a single mother, I live with my daughter and my mother. Our family time is constant. Whenever I’m working with my products, perfumes, creams and shakes I walk with them; sometimes I look for time to travel on my own, spend a weekend alone or with my friends.

    What has been your biggest obstacle?

    I am a fighter and a talented woman, I have a great ability to act, sing and dance. That has brought much envy to my life and it has become an obstacle. I do not mean envy from the public, because of them I am where I am, they are wonderful. I speak of the entertainment business. It is rather an art to learn to survive in the career you like. The challenge is to break those barriers and show that you are a great professional.

    Did you know that Alicia …?

    • Sleeps with many pillows.
    • Every time she signs an important business, she wears her first perfume called Malicia. She also pays much attention to her dreams because they are premonitory.
    • She is addicted to massages: anywhere in the world, whenever she can, and has tried all existing types of massages.
    • She is a Pinot Noir wine lover.
    • “Nobody can beat me” is her war cry.

    Photos: Omar Cruz and Jaime Martín