“My Children’s Happiness”

Live it Up Doral Magazine

That is the answer most parents would give when asked what is their most desired wish. While in one hand, we need a better world to live in, we also urgently need people suited to build a better world. Thinking about the happiness of our little ones involves a range of issues going from career to a more empathetic relationship with those around them. But when it comes to it, amidst our daily duties and doubts, how do we raise happy children?

The great truth is that, just like Love, Happiness is contagious. That is why there is no better way to raise happy children than to be happy.

If you are genuinely interested in providing a good education for your children, they must first become a peaceful, happy, loving human being.

A child is influenced by many things: TV, neighbors, teachers, school, and a million other things. He/she will follow the more attractive path. As a parent, you must make sure the child finds that attraction in you. If you are a happy person, intelligent, courteous, the child would not seek company elsewhere. He/ she will seek you first at every turn.


“Children see. Children do.”

How do you expect your children to live happily if you set an example of fear and anxiety? They learn from you. The best thing to do is to create a happy, loving atmosphere.

Learn from your children

When in the company of a child, you effortlessly laugh, play, sing, crawl under a couch, and do all those wonderful childish things you had forgotten. Take your time and think: What do you know about Life that you could teach your children?

All you can offer is a few survival tips based on your limited experience.

Compare yourself with your child and ask who is capable of providing greater happiness. Your child, right? If he/ she knows a greater happiness than you then, who is better qualified to give advice? You or him/her?

So, learn from your children.