Family Harmony

  1. Learn what collectivity is. Do not think only about yourself, think about everyone in the family. If you go to the market, ask if anyone wants something. Simple gestures are important to keep life and love in balance.
  2. Program with the family. Enjoy the company of those who are always with you without falling into a routine. Discover each one’s preferences and strengthen the links.
  3. Chat about everything. A family that talks to each other, is known, respected, and valued. Conversation causes a person to stand in the other’s shoes during difficult moments, understanding their pains and fears.
  4. Respect to be respected. Only taking your will into account is not fair. Do not leave space for lack of respect and fights. Negotiate and implement house rules. Prioritize what is good for everyone.
  5. Respect privacy. There is no harmony without respect. Know the limits between what is yours, what you should know, and what is the account of other.
  6. Be gentle and tolerant. Do not keep pointing other people’s faults. Not all people deal with things like you. Understanding and coexisting with differences creates much stronger family bonds.
  7. Forget the grudges. Many times we unintentionally hurt who we love. Simplify your life by asking for forgiveness and by forgiving. Build bridges and not walls. Sincere apologies make all the difference.

Living fully means knowing how to take advantage of each moment. You can look for happiness on the other side of the world or realize that it is inside of you. Do no force yourself to have a happy family, make your family happy.