5 most influential attitudes of parents

Especially in childhood, in addition to what is taught verbally, children retain many of their parent’s attitudes.

Children do not store only what is said to them. Much of what they live with their parents, or see them doing, is assimilated by the little ones, albeit unconsciously.

Some of these witnessed attitudes may make a mark on one’s personality and last a lifetime, for good or ill.

1- Lack of attention
Children need to feel love and affection constantly, and they measure that attention based on the time they can spend with their parents. It is called quality time, which has great importance in the emotional development of children.

2- The relationship of their parents
The quality of the couple’s relationship is a very influential factor on the quality of relationships that the children will have in their future. Therefore, focus on maintaining a happy and respectful interaction with complicity and constant display of love.

3- The protection of parents
Overprotectiveness stems from fear. Which can be assimilated by children very easily. This can severely impact their mental and emotional development.

4- Verbal or physical aggression
With these attitudes parents only push their children away. Use empathy to see what caused them to make that mistake. It is much more effective to talk calmly about what has happened and, if necessary, to reprimand with firmness, but without aggression.

5- A close family
Adults who have grown up in a united family will never forget that. When parents put the family above all else, children record it in their memory and dream of having an equal family in the future. If important values such as family unity are not learned early, they will hardly be acquired in adult life.