May for prevention and care

The key words that define this edition are prevention and care.

On the one hand, the hurricane season begins next month and as the saying goes, “better safe than sorry”, the Doral Police Department offered us a series of measures that should be put into practice to prepare ourselves for the possibility of a natural disaster like a cyclone.

On the other, it is also important to take care of our body, more specifically, our dental health. That is why we interview Dr. Odelsis Barreto who is the dentist in charge at Endless Smiles Co. If you are looking for personalized attention, excellent results, human quality, and professionalism, then this place is the right one for you.

Dr. Cristina Sabroso also spoke to us about the 5 most influential attitudes of parents. This issue is important because the International Day of the Family and Mother’s Day are both celebrated in May. Congratulations to all the families and mothers in their day!

I want to publicly welcome Eduardo Franco's Live It Up Doral family. He is a Venezuelan chef, charismatic and unable to merge with the palate of Miami diners. He is a proud representative of Doral and will be in charge of the gastronomy section. Do you remember that last time I told you that we were cooking something divine and exquisite? That’s what their recipes are, as well as being simple and easy. Welcome, Eduardo!

By the way, this May 4 th on which side will you be? With the force or with the dark?

May the force be with you and let’s Live It Up!