Let’s celebrate freedom and let’s Live It Up!

For our cover we had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Enrique Gallo who is a specialist in orthodontics and dentomaxillary orthopedics for adults and children. During the interview I was very impressed by the humanity of its staff. Everyone has a smile to show, and why would you not smile when the Doral Center for Orthodontics creates smiles by aligning teeth and putting them in harmony with the structure of the face.

Speaking of harmony, in this edition Dr. Cristina Sabroso exposes seven elements to achieve complete family harmony. For her part, Claudia Ahrens-Hernandez, invites us to support cycling in Doral, to respect the designated lane for cyclists, and to be cautious in their presence. The success of Doral as a community depends on things like these

Another way to be successful is by leaving our comfort zone. Do you want to know how? Then do not stop reading the article by Vicente Passariello where he explains in detail what you should do to get away from that pleasant but self-destructive area.

July is an ideal month to prepare the delicious Argentine empanadas of our chef Eduardo Franco; or if you prefer something sweeter, you can make the Caramel Cocktail of our mixologist, Patty Bastidas.

See you on July 4th at the Doral Central Park to celebrate the independence of this great country.

Let’s celebrate freedom and let’s Live It Up!