Happy Valentine’s Day and Let’s Live It Up!

February is the most anticipated month for lovers to show how much love they have for each other. In this edition we bring you a luxury interviewee: Fernando Osorio. He has penned some of the most beautiful compositions dedicated to feeling, sung by artists of international fame. We are proud to have him as a resident of Doral. This Doralian singer- composer can be found walking quietly through the city and sharing his charisma with his fans.

Another gem that we have in Doral is Caro Vasquez. This woman turned her accessory design hobby into what is now a recognized brand, with beautiful and elegant garments: Caro Vasquez Accessories.

If you plan to prepare a romantic dinner for your soul mate, the Chocolate Volcano Patty Zerpa recommends or the Love Sangria by Gustavo Osuna are a must at the table. Also pay attention to the recommendations that Ernesto Avendaño, Nutritrending, makes about alcohol.

In the same way, I take this space to thank you with all my heart, not only in my name but also for the whole Live It Up Doral team, for the wonderful comments we have received from you. They motivate us to continue forward and continue to offer a window into the world of Doral’s lifestyle.