Happy New Year and let’s Live It Up!

2020 is not just another year, it is also the beginning of a new decade. May God bring you health, peace, and prosperity to your life.

Laughing has infinite benefits for the body and the human mind, so in this edition we bring you to the king of humor, David Comedia, so that you know his story, how he went from washing cars and dishes to filming a movie in Hollywood, all of that in 5 years.

Our Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez, informs us about the City of Doral plans for this year, as well as the initiatives for the physical well-being that the Doralians have within reach of a click.

Furthermore, are you a lover of energy drinks? Find out what our nutritionist Lorena Farias has to say about it.

January is a good month to review your credit report. The Doral Police Department explains why in its article on electronic fraud.

Susie Castillo expresses her gratitude for being a member of the Miami-Dade School Board since 2012, representing the 20 county public schools in District 5. Thank you Susie for doing an excellent job!

We’re going all the way this year! You too! Remember that chains and limitations are mental. We are free to reach our goals. Vicente Passariello explains the difference between freedom and being free.

Happy New Year and let’s Live It Up!