Happy 2019 and let’s Live It Up!

Happy New Year! May 2019 be a year full of health, peace, love and prosperity. Now is the perfect time to undertake projects and set goals. Therefore, for this first edition, we wanted to present you with some of the activities that Doral has, to recover your figure or start having a healthier lifestyle. Did you know that most of them are free? Why not take advantage of them?

We also spoke with Omar Gonzalez, who, at the rhythm of Brazilian music, puts hundreds to exercise their muscles and burn almost a thousand calories with the captivating choreography of Rebolaxe.

Our expert Nutritrending, Ernesto Avendaño, will also guide you on how to start a healthy lifestyle after the December feasts and in Cápsulas del Éxito, Vicente Passariello will tell you key to achieve your New Year’s resolutions without dying in the attempt.

At Live It Up Doral, what you have seen so far on our pages is just the beginning. In 2019 we will bring you new sections, more raffles, and fun surprises.

By the way, have you already subscribed to our YouTube channel? Find us as Live It Up Doral. There you can see videos of the events we cover, the cameras behind our photo shoots, the interviews, and much more.

Happy 2019 and let’s Live It Up!