All we need is love and Let’s Live It Up!

What a delight it is when an interview turns into a pleasant, relaxed, and interesting conversation, full of laughter and anecdotes! This is Frank Quintero, funny, calm, and with an immense repertoire of stories. The lyrics of his songs along with his voice are love dressed in music parading down a catwalk of romantic melodies.
For me it was a real pleasure and honor to talked with him and to show you a little the intimate side of Juan Francisco, who for 52 years of artistic life has been known as Frank Quintero.
On another note, can you imagine what a passionate heaven tastes like? It tastes the fruit of passion! It tastes like passion fruit. Our mixologist Shantal Edumar will take you to heaven and back with this drink. Meanwhile, another protagonist on the palate, is Prosecco but in jelly, prepared by our chef, Eduardo Franco. It’s a delight! Both recipes are flavors to fall in love with.
By the way, many talk about unconditional love but do you really know what those two words entail in themselves? Find out more by reading this month’s Cápsulas del Éxito with Vicente Passariello.
I welcome Alejandra Comini, who is a Lifestyle Blogger, to the Live It Up Doral Magazine family. Every month she will keep you up to date with what is more chic in fashion.
Happy Valentines Day!
All we need is love and Let’s Live It Up!