Omar González: From goal to dance

This young soccer player was touring Brazil in 2011 when the combination of choreography with the Axe musical rhythm got his attention.

When he returned to Venezuela, he began to practice it as a hobby, to give classes to six friends, and eventually ended up gathering more than 60 people on a soccer field to dance.

After 3 months, and with new choreographies, he decided to offer his dance and training service in Caracas’s gyms but he needed to establish his brand before that. Omar joined the Portuguese word “rebola” which means movement, with the word “axe”, which is a danceable rhythm from Brazil meaning “positive energy”. This is how Rebolaxe was born.

Little by little he started to get calls from gyms, corporate companies, television channels, radio, and commercial brands. National tours arrived, and with them the positioning of his brand throughout Venezuela.

In 2014, while on vacation in Miami, Omar saw the opportunity to introduce Rebolaxe to the U.S. market. The chosen city was Doral.

Since then the brand continues to grow and success has been quick to arrive: international tours, media interviews, and events soon followed.

To start the year on the right foot, Omar has just launched the Rebolaxe Club. For more information, click on this page.

Photo: Dixon González Studio