Kina: 100% natural soy meat

Hernan Sanchez’s day to day revolves around a kitchen, a laboratory and a sausage processing plant. This Venezuelan-born Doralian, accounting graduate, food technician, and chef, along with his wife and partner, Diana Olavarrieta, will soon bring to the United States a delicious and healthy product called Kina.

What is Kina?

It is the result of many studies and tests to create protein products of plant origin. The result was Kina soy meat.

What differentiates it from other brands in the market?

Kina doesn’t have any chemicals. It’s produced with hemoglobin from the root of the beet, which gives it a different texture and a color very similar to that of animal flesh. It also includes a mix of vegetables to add flavor. The product has 3 times more protein than traditional meat at a lower cost, and it is fat-free.

Is it only for vegetarians?

No. Kina can be consumed by anyone who wants to eat 100% healthy, nutritious, and at a much lower cost than animal meat. It costs 0.45 cents per pound.

What recipes can be prepared with soy meat?

Kina is so versatile that many dishes can be prepared. You can find several ideas on Instagram at @hernaneduardosanchez.

By Daniela Giampapa-Bendayán