BeachWear Trends: A brand with purpose

Karin Nunez, creative director, has always been a follower of fashion, therefore, having her own swimsuit brand had always been her dream. That dream came true in January 2019 when Karin decided to launch the BeachWear Trends market.

All the pieces are personally designed by Karin. No one woman is more specific or better than another. Her line is suited for anyone that wants to look their best during a vacation getaway or even on a casual day as her line is multifaceted.
Through her line Karin Nunez wants to reflect the beauty of all women’s bodies. Whether for the beach or the pool the designs can also be beautiful, glamorous and fashionable, as well as highlighting the beauty of all body types with avant-garde designs.
With BeachWear Trends Karin wants to convey to everyone a message about children and adults who suffer from “absence Seizures” so that those who have a special child do not feel different. Her greatest inspiration is her children.
BeachWear Trends has been recognized by celebrities such as Chiqui Baby, Claudia Zuleta, Carla Núñez and others.
1% of BeachWear Trends parts sales will be donated to Epilepsy Foundation and Children’s Success Foundation