Three keys to change

You give meaning to the life you have now. To change you have to change its meaning, you have to condition yourself to success, to love, to emotional, mental, spiritual, financial success, etc., until you get what you want to change.

Change is a process, it is not a single or independent event.

1- Create leverage: Make the decision that something has to change now in your life. It’s
imperative. Connect the pain with the meaning and consequences of your actions that cause damage in your life.

2- Interrupt the limiting pattern: Break with the association you have at this moment. Do it through questions that are completely different and have nothing to do with that parameter. It is like a disc that we have in our brain, a CD that we repeat and repeat and repeat that condition us positively and negatively.

3- Create a new association with images of power, love, strength and confidence: How do you have confidence in a two-way highway when you go to 55 miles per hour while another car comes in the opposite direction at the same speed? How do you know that the person who comes in the other car will not get in your lane? Because you trust yourself and the other person, who you do not know, is trusting you too.