The extraordinary power of a positive mind.

Thought is the activity and creation of the mind, it is responsible of everything that we bring into existence through the activity of the intellect.

The term thought is commonly used as a generic form that defines all the products that the mind can create including the rational activities of the intellect or the abstractions of the imagination. Everything that is mental in nature is considered thought, whether abstract, rational, creative, artistic, etc.

Remember that everything we focus on expands in the sense that the mind begins to look for equals and to associate objects or events that are in line with what your attention is focused on. That is why it is crucial and extremely important where we focus our attention. Positive thoughts are vital in our life. The optimist always sees opportunities where the pessimist sees problems.

We are all responsible for the thoughts we hold in our minds at any time. We have the ability to think what we want. So even all of our negative and self-destructive attitudes and behaviors are originated by the way we choose to think.

You are the designer of your destiny, you are the author, you are the one who focuses on things, the creator of those thoughts. Choose positive thoughts, of power, of abundance. You can create them any way you want.

Observe your thoughts because your emotions are born from them, observe your emotions because from them the actions that generate a result are born.

Thought is a concrete substance that produces specific results and affects our mind and body, most people think that they are trivial and that they do not produce any effect but it is the opposite. That is why it is imperative to have and generate positive thoughts, since most of the time we live in projection of the future. If we are going on vacation over the weekend, we are experiencing the feeling a few days ahead because we project our mind towards what we think will happen.

You must have a strategy, a path, not just positive thinking alone but a plan to follow. Positive thinking is like a muscle that gets stronger, the more we use it the more it develops. Unfortunately according to the statistics 80% of the thoughts we have in the day are negative, approximately 12,000 thoughts, imagine how many times we think negatively in the day and often completely unconsciously.

Be the best you can be, have positive thoughts, live positive, and take action.