The comfort zone

It is that place where we have a routine and continue doing the same thing because it gives us security, we feel comfortable, there is no type of effort or break. We are designed to live in the comfort zone, in comfort.

Unlike animals, we have free will. For example: in a meadow if a rabbit does not run faster than a tiger, a wild boar, or any other predator, it will not survive to see the next day. In that same prairie, if the tiger, the wild boar or any predatory animal does not run faster than its prey (the rabbit, for example), they can not eat. Animals do not have a choice to have free will, they have to give the maximum of their lives, running, being alert, doing everything in order to survive.

Unfortunately, many times we live in that “complacent zone” and there is no growth, expansion or improvement.

It’s not about having the success you want or not, it’s how you manage your comfort zone.

Reject it and run away from it, so you can build your dream. How do you know you’re leaving that area? Because it requires discipline and courage. Every day, always try to do something different to expand your goals.

Transform your comfort zone and turn it into your unlimited zone.