New Year, New Life, if so you choose

Thanks for reading my articles. It has been a privilege to be able to write for Live It Up Doral, and for that I am grateful. So, I decided to continue doing the same, writing different articles for the readers and, obviously if I continue doing the same thing I will continue having the same result. That is why I titled the article “New year, new life, if so you choose.”

It is interesting to see all those people who, on December 21, wrote their New Year resolutions, which generate frustration as a result in 98% of them. So, why do we keep doing it if it does not work?

We do it out of habit and to have a good time with friends. The reason is very simple, practice makes perfect, therefore, after the 21 we may never look at those resolutions again, perhaps only for a couple of days and that’s it. As a result: nothing.

The only way to achieve our goals is by looking at them every day and taking an action that is aimed in that direction, even if it is a small action, but always do something towards it. To make a decision without action is simply an illusion and illusions very often become disillusions.

If you want to change your life you must have a clear goal and pursue it daily. Take this opportunity to start 2019, write at least three goals that you are going to make this year, write below the goal why is imperative that you do it and what will be the consequence in your life if you do not do it. Who will it impact? Your life? Your family? Your friends?

After you write it down, make your actions consistent with the goal to get it. Then continue until you make it happen.

Remember that progress is what brings happiness to your life. Knowing that you are moving forward, that you are improving every day.

In an electro-cardiogram the straight line means death, equally your life must be full of ups and downs. The straight line in your life, will represent only that, that you are not going anywhere.