It is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to transform our lives. When we feel grateful we become a magnet that attracts joy, freedom, peace, union and expansion. In reality, without gratitude, we delay the transformation of our lives. Life changes as we feel gratitude. It is impossible to be negative, complain, criticize others or blame them when you feel grateful. Fear and guilt contrive us, age us, create low energy. Gratitude and love expand our lives and delay aging. Make your first reaction one of gratitude and, very quickly, you will adopt a positive perspective, full of energy, from which you will achieve wonderful things.

Instead of looking for someone to criticize, look for reasons to praise them sincerely. Make sure that the first things you discover in people, in your surroundings, and in the situations that arise, are their most positive qualities.

Focus on finding a reason to be grateful. It’s there, no matter what. From there you can build and grow, move forward and prosper. Turn it into a daily habit. Root it well at the bottom of your being. If looking for the positive becomes a habit, rest assured you will find it. It is an approach that will greatly improve your relationships with others and that will give your ventures enormous effectiveness.

Let yourself be carried away by gratitude and you will be even more grateful for the richness of your life that, with certainty, will grow accordingly.

Obstacles to gratitude

  1. Vanity that prevents many from recognizing the contribution of others in their own achievements.
    2. The habit of finding a flaw in everything, which leads to ignore, because of unimportant details, the value of an effort or the merits of a job well done.
    3. Envy and resentment, which make the benefits received from others take offense.
    4. A lack of humility and greatness that perceives gratitude as a sign of weakness.

Life is immensely wonderful, and every moment comes with a thousand and one gifts for you. One thing is to desire and another is to be open to receive. But if you find yourself so focused on lacking, on what you do not have, worried, with your anxious mind, you are so full of doubts, that you reject all these gifts. God comes to you, and you keep rejecting it.

A man becomes a Buddha (no doubt, without hesitation) at the moment he accepts everything that life brings with gratitude.

Have you ever felt that emotion where everything feels good, where you don’t worry about anything, not tomorrow or yesterday and you feel safe and do everything you can? There is a word for that feeling… gratitude.

Gratitude is the antidote to all things bad.