Freedom or being free?

What is the difference? Why are there moments in our lives when we feel completely free and we need nothing but our being? Why do we sometimes have all the “freedoms” of the world within our reach and feel limited, dependent?

Freedom will always be conditioned to the environment where you are, the conditions, external factors. Being free is oriented to the options you choose within that environment where you develop. Being free is in your being, and if you decide to choose the conditions of feeling bad or imprisoned in your life, it has nothing to do with the environment, it has to do with you.

Nelson Mandela was imprisoned 27 years for thinking differently and wanting to free his country South Africa, on several occasions he was offered negotiations for his release in exchange for signing documents that compromised the total liberation of South Africa, he rejected them. In an interview with Anthony Robbins, he asked him how he did to endure 27 years in prison, to which Mandela responded with strength and determination that he was not holding or resisting but preparing himself to be able to lead his country. What makes such a man behave in this way, under all conditions of lack of freedom like being in jail?

Victor E Frankl, an Austrian clinical neurologist and psychiatrist, was imprisoned in an Auschwitz prison in World War II, said that the freedom to choose decisions lives in yourself and does not depend on anything external or anyone, and ventured to say that it can be an effective help to survive even in the worst conditions as knowing that life has meaning. One does not have to ask what the meaning of life is, instead one must recognize that you are the one asking the question.

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of your life is? Surely you’ve been waiting for the answer. The meaning of your life is you because knowing and recognizing that your life has a why, at that moment your skills develop and knowing that your life is important nothing and nobody will have the power to break you inside.

We can feel that we are going through life without a direction, without knowing what to do, bound by circumstances; we have the decision of how to feel and of being able to transform it into power, into the true freedom that lies within us. How do we do it? Recognizing that you are the meaning in your life and that at the moment of truth, life as such has no meaning, only the meaning you give it.

Help other human beings to be free, help them overcome himself, offer an open hand , give a few words of support, love, strength, strength, look for the extraordinary because you will be finding the extraordinary in yourself.