It is decision + action. There are 5 swans in a lake and one decides to fly, how many swans are there? The answer is 5, because having decided to fly does not mean that he has done it. Why have you decided to do something in your life yet nothing happens?

How many times have you decided to diet, stop smoking, drinking or any number of things that you know are not proactive for your health but still do it?

Because you decided but did not take action, that is why determination is important. When you are determined to do something, you make the decision and you do it.

Determine the purpose of your life. What is it? What is it that really makes you happy? Once you decide and take action it will be the first step towards success.

Fate is not opportunities but decisions. All the events that have changed history began with a decision followed by an action. Action is the only thing that will turn the intangible into real; action is the fertilizer of greatness, as Jose Silva, founder of Control Mental Silva, said.

This country is free of English rule because on July 4, 1776, 56 men determined that the United States would be free and signed the Declaration of Independence. You have to remember what your life purpose is, I’m sure it’s in you. Take the decision today and start setting a destination different from the one you had stipulated. Start now to take decision and action in favor of your life.

Focus and awaken the giant that lives in you. Make decisions and act on them. To strengthen any muscle in your body you must use it and constantly repeat that movement until the muscle grows. Making decisions will strengthen your ability to do so and you will begin to make decisions more easily. The worst decision you can make is indecision, since it keeps you immobilized.

“Decisions shape your destiny, decide wisely.” Anthony Robbins.