The sporting spirit of Doraline parents

While sports are generators of passion par excellence, it is also true that they are also a door for unpleasant things to happen for the same reason: the passion for sports. If we apply this formula to parent volunteers, coaches, and fanatical parents of their children, anything can happen!
However, I am very pleased to share that I am one of those parents who is going to cheer on his son on the Doral Broncos football team. Throughout this season, I have witnessed the sportsmanship of everyone involved, even in times of high tension.

That is what is about, education, emotional intelligence over the “reactivepart we all have.”

If you are reading this short message, keep this thought for the next time you are about to boil during a game of your favorite sport: words are like fists, they do the same or worse damage if you don’t measure them, and after they come out of your mouth, you can’t take them back. Even if you see something unfair, like a ”bought” referee or any other irregularity, think, breathe, take a few seconds before allowing your reactive impulse to open the door to violence!

Remember that your children, family, and colleagues are present and your example is very important to them.