Home values extend to school

As parents we often hear the widespread complaint that “children today are too exposed to activities that do not correspond to their age” – referring to their social exposure at school and other events. Many times they see things that correspond more to an adult person than to a pre-adolescent (10-12 years).
The easy access to information that may confuse them in and out of school is present at all times. As parents, we cannot expect principals and teachers to instill values of life in our children. Their main task is to provide academic education to prepare children while they grow up, and although there are teachers who do go beyond their academic duties, it is our duty as parents to teach social, moral, and ethical values to our children.
Social education that includes respect and civic manners, respect for authority, honesty, and responsibility with their tasks, classmates, and teachers, will greatly increase the chances that our children will overcome the tests and tempting experiences that may confuse them in a given moment. Do not leave in the hands of teachers!