Do you think you have a sense of community?

It’s a word that is often heard, but do you really know the meaning of community?

It is that feeling of being part of a group (like a city, neighborhood), a shared feeling that collective needs will be met under a cooperative commitment among all its members.

If you live in Doral, you have probably felt this way at some point, or perhaps constantly. Being part of a community carries with it a level of responsibility for everyone to enjoy a life in harmony. This responsibility includes respect for public regulations, the use of ethical values, ​​and consideration for others.

Now I ask you: if someone dumps cans, papers or a mattress near your yard or in front of your house, how would you feel? The answer is obvious.

The same applies to the streets and common areas of the city.  Dumping tires, furniture, or large pieces of garbage in areas that are apparently abandoned or not inhabited is considered a crime, as well as being a sign of bad taste and education, and the fines are up to $ 400.

If you analyze it carefully, those areas are also part of your community! By littering them you would be affecting the value or perception of the city in which you live.

Therefore, if you see or know someone who thinks about doing something as described above, remind them that the sense of community applies to everyone!