Are you supporting local cycling?

When it comes to living in a community, life goes beyond the door of your home. Doral has grown dramatically in recent years, and perhaps it is not enough to explain the valuable initiatives it constantly implements.

I’m sure you’ve seen that line to the right of certain roads indicating a designated area for cycling. And if you have not seen it, look for it this afternoon!

But what should happen on the main roads where there is no such “designated” space? Simple: you acknowledge it! Part of the good reputation of a city or community is showing respect and consideration. Consideration for those cyclists who wish to extend their route and who often feel threatened by vehicles that pass too close or do not notice their presence on the road.

Today I invite you to be more attentive and look out for cyclist on the road near your car. Show your support as much as possible, being cautious when passing by, let the cyclist pass or cross, and in general, try to keep things safe on the route.

Let’s show solidarity and support the cycling of our city. It is evidence of being educated and socially aware citizens.