3 tips to move around Doral with good manners

Many believe that good manners are no longer applicable. They may have an old-fashioned
concept of the word “etiquette” as something rigid, belonging to the high society of times gone by.

Etiquette – in this case your manners when circulating in the city – like any other cultural
behavior, evolves with the times. Without foundations to serve as a guide to navigate the world we live in today, it would be chaos. We have seen how road rage, impatience, and lack of consideration for others, wreaks havoc here and there.

I give you these 3 suggestions to keep in mind in your daily city travels:

1. When you drive, do not assume that you are the only one on the road and that you have
the right to always pass first. Etiquette suggests thinking about the safety and relief of

2. Do not honk the horn unless it is an emergency. When you do it just because you are
upset, you only show your lack of good manners and consideration to everyone around

3. If you walk and you are going to cross the street, do it in the striped areas intended for
that purpose. Wait for the signal to cross. Failure to do so implies that you do not
respect your city and that you believe you are above the law.