Thursday, November 21, 2019
Caro Vasquez started creating her own necklaces as a hobby. Soon after, she began studying jewelry design at the prestigious Alexis de la Sierra Goldsmith's School in Caracas. One day she received an employment proposal from the Iskia bridal...
This young soccer player was touring Brazil in 2011 when the combination of choreography with the Axe musical rhythm got his attention. When he returned to Venezuela, he began to practice it as a hobby, to give classes to six...

Kina: 100% natural soy meat

Hernan Sanchez’s day to day revolves around a kitchen, a laboratory and a sausage processing plant. This Venezuelan-born Doralian, accounting graduate, food technician, and chef, along with his wife and partner, Diana Olavarrieta, will soon bring to the United...

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